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IG Hoosen is a Family business with strong values established in 1935 which started off as a small grocery store. As the need arose, different divisions were introduced to the business. As a need for Islamic attire and literature grew, thus giving rise to the Islamic division. With the grace of the Almighty and continuous support from the community we have grown from strength to strength. Due to a demand for a better shopping experience, comfort, security and convenience, December 2015 gave rise to a division of the Islamic store in Overport.


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Mens & Ladies Islamic Wear, Musallahs, Islamic Toys & Books for Kids, Kitaabs, Islamic Schoolwear for Boys & Girls, Islamic School Syllabus, Large Range of Exclusive Gift Items,  Kitchen/Homeware, Oud Based Perfumes, Bakhoor Burners & Incense, Fresh & Frozen Dates, Hajj & Umrah Requirements, Qurbani Essentials, Exclusive Gift Items, Saudi Confectioneries.