Cut Master Puralite Gloves


Cut Resistant
Dry Grip

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  • Made of Premium Quality Materials: Resistant to cut, being 4 times stronger than leather. Heather Grey HPPE Environmentally-Friendly Polyurethane Material, High polyethylene performance-makes it breathable, highly elastic, lightweight and comfortable.
  • Gloves are Safe and Reliable, which meets the standard EN388, a regulation for cut resistant gloves, level 5 cut resistance standard, protecting your hands from scrapes and cuts.
  • Perfect for slicing, oyster shucking and cutting for kitchen users, pumpkin/ wood carving, carpentry and more. Goves can also be used when changing the blades for your lawn mower, unpacking razor boxes that were tapped and many more uses.
  • The manufacturing process is geared towards guaranteeing cut resistance. We design them with utmost care for users’ safety. They also have a layer of anti-bacterial protection that provide prevention from contamination.
  • Easy Installation and secure safety; ultimate comfort ability and proprietary blend of fibers breathe so you can perform tasks comfortably.
Package Inculdes:
1 x One Pair of Gloves